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Zeal, as seen in the Anime

Zeal, a man with the body of a wolf, is one of Reverse's Mauraders.


He has grey hair, and is covered with brown fur. His eyes are gold, and his claws are white. He wears a black hooded cloak, like the other Mauraders.


Even though he is seen only once in the Anime, in the fight between him and Zazie, he seems to crave an understanding of his world, having no memory of what he was before his existance. He will do anything to make Reverse's goal true, and pities those that disagree. He takes pride in his work against the government and will make sure no one can stop him. After being shot at by Zazie's Shindan, the Cabernet awakens, extending it's gaichuu feelers to devour Zeal along with Zazie's "malice" shot into Zeal. In the manga, Director Largo Lloyd uses his heart bullet to shoot down the feelers wrapped around Zeal, saving him.


Extremely swift and agile, he is capable of running at high speeds, even able to catch Wasiolka off guard. He can jump over heights of 30 feet and has lots of strength, even being able to put Zazie Shrine near death.


  • While Zeal is only seen once in the anime, he was killed but in the Manga he was saved by Largo.