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Hunt is a man who was posing as The Man Who Could Not Become Spirit in Honey Waters, where he met Lag Seeing. He is the husband of Sarah.


A tall man, Hunt always wears baggy concealing clothing and a mask that covers the upper half of his face. His arms have been surgically altered and grafted with the arms of a large beast, giving him monsterous arms and making many mistake him for one of the monsters from Akatsuki.


Young Hunt

Hunt offers his arms to the circus performers.

Hunt was part of travelling circus when he was young with a young girl named Sarah. When Sarah tells the young boy that she will be bought by another buyer soon, Hunt became sad at the news, and overhearing a heated discussion between the circus crew, Hunt offers for them to replace his hands with the dead beasts if they would not sell Sarah. They agree. Unknown to the young boy, Sarah had overhead the exchange. Eventually at some point Hunt and Sarah left the circus when they weren't attracting customer's anymore. The two traveled until they saw a town called Honey Waters. Hunt and Sarah both saw Gauche Suede defeating a gaichuu witnessed the conversation between the letter bee and Lawrence, although they could not overhear what they said. The locals of the town contront the two after Gauche and Lawrence leave, and mistakenly percieve Hunt as a montster until Sarah shouts that they were the ones who killed the gaichuu and was The Man Who Could Not Become Spirit. This claim eventually prompted the town to become against the governemt,including stopping the mail service, and this continued untII an unnamed man had his heart eaten by a gaichuu. This prompted Hunt to rethink about Sarah's claim that he was The Man Who Could Not Become Spirit in guilt.


Hunt is first seen beside Sarah as Lag Seeing and Connor Kluff appear to deliver letters to Honey Waters. He stands beside his wife as she delivers a heated anti-government speech, proclaiming that Hunt was The Man Who Could Not Become Spirit. Hunt is silent as Sarah uses a fake Spirit Amber to please a spectator. However, this catches the attention of Lag, who asks Sarah why she has Gauche's spirit amber. Sarah tells the people to chase after the letter bees, causing Hunt to question the necessity of her actions. She tells him that he should accept what had happened. When Niche tries to attack Sarah, her body becomes paralysed. Lag tries to reach her, but is thrown safely away in an alley by Hunt, where the boy encounters Ann Grado. Niche and Conner are subsequently captured, and the citizens eagerly show Hunt and his wife Niche's claws.When Sarah is excited about the prospect of posing Niche as their daughter or to bring her to Reverse. Hunt replies that he "has no desire to live in luxury" and tells his wife that he wants to stop the deceit they had been doing because it would hurt more people. Sarah hotly rebukes him, and Hunt falls silent. Later the man is seen putting ointment onto Niche's wounds. He is approached by Conner, who is also in the room, who asks why such a kind man would be deceiving people. Hunt confesses that he is only deceiving people to make Sarah happy. The two are interrupted by an appearance of a Gaichuu, and Hunt recognises the girl standing beside Lag. After stopping Ann from getting attacked, he declares that the time for lies is over just as the Gaichuu braces to attack him, which is stopped by Zazie's heart bullet. The Gaichuu snatches Ann in it's tentacles and is momentarily stopped by Hunt, who is subsequently entangled in the tenticles as well. The man starts to remember how he fell in love with Sarah and how she saved his life by saying he was The Man Who Could Not Become Spirit. When Lag destroys the Gaichuu, the tentacles ensnaring Hunt relent, and Hunt's fall is cushioned by Conner. After the events, Hunt and Sarah are seen with Conner in his carriage to Yuusari. Sarah wonders is there could be a way to start over again, and Hunt reassures her that there is.   

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