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As gaichuu shatter with light around Aria and Niche, the acting letter bee thinks of Bolt. Niche catches Aria with her hair, telling her that she did well. A memory resurfaces from Aria's shindan, revealing of the times Aria was with Gauche. Aria tells of how she had decided to quit working as a bee when Bolt was declared blind and after she recieved Gauche's dismissal, but of how Lloyd had recruited her as an administrative worker. Aria tells Niche that Bolt still looks out for her, which causes Niche to beam and smile. Meanwhile, Sylvette appears at the Beehive to bring Lag breakfast as Dr. Thunderland is shouting orders to stabilize Lag's conditon. The room becomes enveloped in light as memories glue to the wall. As Dr. Thunderland looks closer, he is stunned to find that not all of the memories belong to Lag and some are strangely obscured. As Aria and Niche arrive at their destination, Aria remarkes that Goodbye Amsterdam is as dark as Yodaka, and wonders outloud why Hodai Franklin would live in such a place.

Aria knockes on the door, and the scarred man shouts at Aria to go away and rants about the Day of the Flicker. Curious about knowing the truth about that day, Aria continues to appraoch him. Hodai reacts violently and hits her on the head. Aria stands up and tells Hodai Franklin that she lost someone too to the sun. He lost the memories of his mother, and then one day lost it all. She continues to tell them that the government hasn't told anyone what happened that day, and that she is not his enemy. Hodai Franklin tells her that he is nearly blind, and askes her if she will read the letter to him. In return, he will tell her what he saw on the airship that day. Lag's conditon seeminly stabilizes as Sylvette reaches out to him. The boy breathlessly tells her of the dream he had, of beatuiful scenes long ago of Amberground. Gauche Suede awakens, calling his sister's name.  


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