Honey Waters (chapter) is the 13th overall chapter of Tegami Bachi Manga


Aria Link is playing a heart restoration song for Lag on her violin shindanjuu. Soon, Lag and Connor journey to Honey Waters (place) in NW Yuusari. Lag and Connor talk about how gaichuu eat hearts.

Soon, Niche and Steak discover a spring of water pouring out of a hole in the wall that is colored as honey. Connor warns them not to drink it; however, Niche and Steak may have done so. Apparently, the honey water can make the body paralyze.

Once they arrive in Honey Waters, a woman is preaching to the crowd about government troubles. She mentions that Hunt, her husband, is known as The One Unable to Become Spirit. Sarah is this woman's name, who then collects an offering, and in exchange, heals them with a black spirit amber performing Kurobari on them for heart restoration.

They speak that they are affiliated with Reverse and then discover Letter Bees in the crowd, which prompts Lag and Connor to run. Instead of running, Lag shouts at Sarah asking her how she has Gauche's shindan, to which, she doesn't know. Niche fights the townspeople without hurting them, and Hunt tells Lag to get lost.

Hunt sends Lag away to an abandoned alley of sorts, where a woman there asks Lag to deliver a letter for her. She mentions she is not part of their group or any other anti-government group.


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