Honey Waters is the 23rd overall episode of Tegami Bachi


Sarah uses Gauche's spirit amber to perform heart restoration on the townspeople. Lag asks Sarah how she got Gauche's spirit amber, but the woman claims ignorance and sends the townspeople after Lag's group. In the fight, Lag is secretly saved by Hunt who tells him to escape, while Connor and an incapacitated Niche and Steak are captured by the townspeople.

Letter Bee Ep. 23
Lag encounters a girl named Ann Grado, who helps him escape only if he delivers the town's letters for them. Ann tells Lag that the "Ones Unable to Become Spirit" came to the town five years ago and drew followers to their cause. Lag learns that gaichuu are attracted to the hearts contained in the letters in the sack.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Hunt discover that Niche might a true "One Unable to Become Spirit;" however, what doesn't make sense to them is that Niche's "claws" are actually part of her body and not appearing to be sutured on as Hunt's claws are. With Sarah planning to offer her to the anti-government organization Reverse, Hunt desires a normal life with Sarah, but Sarah is not satisfied with their lives.

Soon, Connor finds out from Hunt (hearsay) that he and Sarah are just frauds. While Lag and Ann take the bag of letters underground, they are thrown above ground by Gaichuu Cidre. Connor, who is freed by his dingo Gus, arrives to help Lag. Connor manages to knock the gaichuu down, but Lag is restrained by the townspeople from finishing it off. Hunt knocks the townspeople away while Zazie and his dingo arrive and knock the gaichuu back.


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