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Holy Night

Holy Night act as the Amberground's version of Christmas. It is a traditional festival in the western Amberground that celebrates the "Holy Mother". Its also when Letter Bees dress as Holy Night Messengers & deliver gives received from charity to the unfortunate children in the western areas.

Holy Night Messengers

Holy Night Messengers act as Amberground's Santa Claus. They dress in red clothes with white cloth on the end
Holy Night 3

Lag and Zazie dressed as Holy Night Messengers.

of the sleeves & pants, a red cap with a white clothed-ball at the cap's tip & white cloth on the cap's mouth & a white Letter Bee stigma on it, and a fake white beard. Only the differents are that Holy Night Messenger's comes in pairs to each child/children & that they have to fulfill a wish to the unfortunate children.


1. Holy Night Messengers only deliver gifts to unfortunate children in the western areas.

2. Dingos aren't allowed to come with their Letter Bees & must stay in the Beehive until they return.

3. Holy Night Messengers must fulfill one wish to each children. However, they can choose to deny a wish if the wish is impossible & too much to handel.

4. Only Letter Bees can dress as Holy Night Messengers, not anyone else.

5. The food normally served in Holy Night are turkey, cake, & other delicious Christmas-based food.

6. Some people sing Amberground Hymns during Holy Night.


1. Holy Night is also translated as Saint Night.

2. Holy Night Messengers are also translated as Emissaries of Saint's Night.

3. Holy Night resembles as "Christmas" & Holy Night Messengers resemble as "Santa Claus". There's also food, presents, & a Christmas Tree with decorations that also resembles to Christmas.

4. It made its appearance in Episode 12: "The Red & Green Ribbon".

5. One of the places celebrating it is "The Mountain of Juerce".

6. Holy Mother is also known as The Empress of Amberground or Amberground's goddess, based on Amberground Religion.

7. Holy Night was never mention in the Manga, it is speculated that the Holy Night tradition only occurs in the anime

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