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Hiroyuki Asada



Asada hiroyuki






February 15, 1968

Personal Status

Hiroyuki Asada (浅田 弘幸Asada Hiroyuki, born February 15, 1968 in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan) is a mangaká who is best known for his steampunk series Tegami Bachi ("Letter Bee"). The first manga series he created was called I`ll, and was a basketball series. All of Asada's manga were serialized in the Monthly Shonen Jump (which has since been discontinued; Tegami Bachi now appears in its replacement Jump Square). He made his debut in 1986. He acquired a fanbase with Mint: Sleeping Rabbit, Renka by degrees, and his popularity improved with I'll. In his personal life, he is part of a unit with Shou Tajima (best known for Psych) and Takeshi Obata (best known for Hikaru no Go and Death Note), and his creation activity with ÁQUARIOS3

The mangaka maintains a website as: (Japanese)

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