Heart's Recollections, Three is the 24th overall episode of Tegami Bachi


Zazie arrives and threatens the townspeople holding Lag away. The three Bees formulate a plan with Connor forcing Gaichuu Cidre above ground. While Zazie keeps it from moving, Lag shoots its weak point at its bottom.

Lag is forced to retrieve the bag of letters that falls underground. While this happens, Ann, Hunt, and Zazie are subsequently caught in Cidre's grasp, which attempts to devour their hearts and memories. All three of their tragic flashbacks are shown during the attack.

The recollections were that Zazie had lost his parents to a gaichuu, Ann lost her father when he tried delivering letters outside town, and Hunt willingly had his arms amputated and replaced with a creature's claws and become the circus' newest exhibit in order to pay off his and Sarah's debts. Soon, Lag returns and destroys Cidre, freeing its victims' hearts in the process. Lag spots Gauche's memories freed from the gaichuu and is overwhelmed with emotion.


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