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         "Pistis, I'm curious... Please don't be offended if I ask this. Could it be that, you still think about Promesa...?"

                                                                                                                                      - Grania to Pistis


She is an old lady who is the mother of Pistis.


She is kind, but can be a bit strict when it comes to Pistis attitude. She also worries about Pistis & her life.


I. Season One

She came to visit Pistis, but she saw her chasing away Garradd & his assistant. She then complain to her about her attitude, which Pistis can olny show embarrssing expression. Then while Pistis & Grandia were having tea, she then asked about Garradd which Pistis only replied is that he is only asking her to marry him so he can can her land & use it for a casino. Then when Grandia asked if the reason why she did give away her land was because of Promesa, Pistis pretended to act if she didn't care about him to hide her true feelings for him & that Grandia was right about it.


1. There isn't enough of a story-line in the episode to explain Grania's life. It is based on the little information known in Episode 13 that would help explain her existence & connection with Pistis and Promesa.

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