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            "I'm going to Akatsuki, and I'll definitely succeed. Then I'll bring you over."

                   - Glaid to Bonnie in the gun's memories


He is a worker who is currently working in Akatsuki. He is also Bonnie's lover.


He is somewhat nice and calm. He also loves Bonnie since he gave her his gun as a charm. He is also determined when he plans to be successful in his job at Akatsuki.


I. Pre - History

He was going to head to Akatsuki now that he got a job there. Before he left, he promised Bonnie that he would be successful at Akatsuki. Then, he gave her a yellow hand gun as a charm. After that, Bonnie tried to find a way to get to Akatsuki so she can see Glaid.

II. Season One

It is unknown of his current conditions at that time, but he did made an appearance in the memories of Bonnie's gun (the same one given by Glaid). There, it was revealed that he was Bonnie's real love. And she used Moss to get the Spirit Ambers so she can sell them, then she would use the money to get to Akatsuki & reunite with Glaid. However, it failed since it was revealed through the gun's memory thanks to Lag & his Spirit Amber (and one of the Spirit Ambers that was stolen by Bonnie, which resonated with Lag's Spirit Amber; causing the gun to reveal its memories).


  • It is unknown if he is married to Bonnie or not.
  • Glaid is also translated as Clyde.

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