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Gauche Suede

Sylvette Suede

Sylvette is Gauche's sister. She was born on the Day of Flicker. Gauche, having just had his memories taken away, named her after their late mother. The siblings loved one another dearly and Gauche eventually went to Akatsuki for his sister's sake, hoping for a cure. Sylvette misses her brother ever since his disappearance and cries to Lag about it, making him promise to bring her brother back. She hugged her brother—then known as Noir—and cried when she first saw him again after so many years.

Aria Link

Gauche Suede and Aria appeared to be good friends and she seems to have feelings for him. It is unknown if Gauche returns her feelings but Aria's feelings for Gauche are strong and it pains her to speak about him.

Lag Seeing

Lag is the 'letter' that Gauche had to deliver at the beginning of the story. They both formed a close bond on their journey and Gauche had a part to play in inspiring Lag to become a Letter Bee. After Gauche has fallen to the side of Reverse as Noir, Lag will play the most part in trying to 'retrieve his heart' back.

Dr. Thunderland Jr. and Mana Jones

Gauche had a history with these two characters at one point and he played a part as they all worked to fulfill Mana's research.

Jacob Gobani

Owner of Sinners Bakery and weapons maintenance shop, where Gauche goes to often to repair his gun. It is Jacob who gives Lag the 'letter bullet' to restore Gauche's memories.

Anne Seeing

In episode 48, it is shown that Gauche has met Lag's mother in the Artificial Sun, where he tells her that he has delievered Lag to Cambel Litus, and when she epressed her feelings about her son, he told her that he could deliver her heart to Lag Seeing, but at the moment, she was stealing his heart.


Roda is the dingo of Gauche Suede / Noir. But, Gauche has a different dingo, roda appears to be a white dog when gauche still a bee. But in Noir, Roda appears To be a human. At the first time, (the roda human) meet noir without name, Noir that calls her Roda.

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