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         "That's why I say you don't have any foresight. The place is beside the crossroads where many people pass by. If I could contruct a casino just for travelers, then..."

                                                                                                                                        - Garradd to Heiho

         "If it's you sir, tons of women would want you."

                                                                                                                                       - Heiho to Garradd

Garradd (& Personality)


He is a charming & rich man. He works as a tycoon man & an infamous landlord. He may be very attracting to many young women, but people like Pistis dislike him. He also greedy & filled with bad attentions in finding ways to earn more money. When his bride & charms doesn't help accomplish his plan, he uses force like blackmail in order to get the job done. He good in acting & deceiving people (unless they already know him too well). He is sometimes wicked in achieving his goals, and he pretends to act kind.

Heiho (& Personality)


He is Garradd's henchman. He is in charge of driving Garradd's carriage. He acts like his attendent or assistant. He has a bad temper when people disrespect his boss, but he also has a fear problem to scary people like Pistis & Niche.


I. Pre - History

During the time when Promesa was still with Pistis, Garradd has been trying to get Pistis land so he can build a casino there. He tried briding her with money for a long time, but Pistis refused. Then when Promesa went to Yuusari in order to fulfill his promise to Pistis, Garradd then tried to use his charms & propose to her. But Pistis still refused him because she know he is doing this in order to get her land (and another reason for her to refuse is because she is waiting for Promesa to fulfill his promise, despite Pistis refusing to admit it to Garradd & Grandia).

II. Season One

The day before Pistis next birthday, Garradd again tried to ask for Pistis hand in marriage. But once again, Pistis refuses and force him out of the house with Heiho,Garradd's worker, waiting with the carriage. Then Garradd questioned her if the reason was because of Promesa, Pistis refused to admit it & answered the reason was because she hated him (that being true). Then when Garradd & Heiho refuse to leave, she forced them to leave when she began throwing furniture at them & the two left on the carriage in high speed. On the way back home,
Garradd & Heiho 1

Pistis throwing furniture at Garradd & Heiho.

Heiho asked his boss why why he has been trying to marry her; Garradd explained that Pistis owns a land with many paths, where many travelers use, cross over, so if he marries her, he can get her land & build a casino there to earn lots of money. Heiho was impressed by his idea, then Garradd explained that he tried buying her land but she refuses. Then he tried using his charms, but if it still fails, he would use force. Then as they where travelling, they nearly smashed with Lag & Niche while they were on deliver. Heiho was able to stop on time & Garradd complained to Lag for standing in their way, but Niche destoyed their carriage & nearly attacked them. Fortunately, Lag stop her on time. When they learned that Lag was going to deliver the letter to Pistis from Promesa, he tried to ask to deliver the letter for Lag (when in truth he was going to use it to blackmail Pistis). But Lag declined his offer because he needs to be the one to deliver it. So Garradd offered Lag & his companions food. Lag, Niche, & Steak ate all the food; but they fall asleep because Garradd drug the food with sleeping drugs. THen he & Heiho stole the letter & headed to Pistis house .The next day, he & Heiho entered Pistis house and
Garradd & Heiho 2

Niche cutting Heiho's & Garradd's clothes off.

blackmailed her in giving her land to him or he'll not return Promesa's letter to her & burn it. But Promesa came and tried to get the letter back from them. Then when he was knocked unconcious, Lag & Niche came & Niche attacked them. When they ran outside & Niche cut off their clothes (except their boxers & Garradd's hat), Garradd returned the letter back to them. But Niche cut it in half & the two ran away.


1. Garradd's name is also translated as Galador.

2. I'm sure that Garradd's henchman is called Heiho. It is because is was mentioned twice by Garradd to him: One, when he was talking to Lag; and two, when was blackmailing Pistis with Promesa's letter to her.

3. Garradd reason in wanting to build a casino in Pistis land is because her land is where many roads intersect and pass in, meaning many travelers will pass that land. So if he can build a casino there, he can earn large sum of money from it.

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