Garden of Spirits is the 26th overall chapter of Tegami Bachi Manga


Niche's sister explains to Lag the issues with the gaichuu in the cave, and helps Lag know more about the spirit amber that people carry, especially the Letter Bees. The area where gaichuu are frozen is what the Maka calls, "The Garden of Spirits." Soon, she answers his question of whether a man dressed in black came into the cave.

She explains that he did come, fired a few heart bullets at a frozen gaichuu, and took the larvae with him. The sister then entrusted Niche to Lag to help her mature, though Niche stays in the lake to heal her wounds and will be returned to Lag eventually soon. As Lag leaves, both the Maka and Niche's sister sense him as the Light, looking forward to what he will become.


Noir attacking Zazie and stealing letters

Meanwhile, Zazie is out collecting letters from towns still, when he encounters another town that had its letters stolen. As he is leaving town, he encounters Noir, who takes his letters and shoots him with his Gymnopedie shindanjuu.

Zazie wakes up with Lag beside him. He learns that Lag went to the city of Pierce when he heard that a Letter Bee was wounded and taken there. Lag and Zazie head off for the town of Lament by carriage and meet Connor there, who is making his deliveries.

Connor is also buying cookies, apparently, in the Abbey (Veritably Abbey). As he is buying them, the one who is selling them at the door questions him if he is a Letter Bee. Connor does not know Roda yet, therefore, with her answering the door, Connor is ignorant of who she is and only thinks she is the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. This causes him to buy cookies often.


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