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       "I'll never let you escape! You hear me!"

                                     - Frank to Bonnie & Moss


He is an Amberground outlaw. He works as the leader of a group of Spirit Amber Pirates.


He is easily angered & high tempered. He also tends to act tough and evil. However, despite this, he can also be scared off by Niche (because of her scary & fierce look as well as her powers). Frank can actually laugh when hearing one of the most ridiculous things (like the marriage Bonnie lied to Lag about Frank wanting to marry her). He also can be stubborn when it comes to getting what he wants.


I. Season One

Frank had a small bag of Spirit Ambers stolen by Moss & Bonnie. Out of anger, he and his men hunted them down when the two were in the carriage with Lag & Niche. When he & his men started shooting and demanding the carriage to stop, the driver was so scared that he instead sped up. Somehow, despite the speeding of the carriage's driver, Frank was able to catch up and threaten Bonnie and Moss to surrender or die. But because Lag and Niche were lied about a different cause of what happened, Niche went out the carriage and started knocking Frank & his men off their horses (Lag tried to stop her from hurting them, but it didn't work). After the carriage escape, Frank angrily shouted that it wasn't over. Then as the carriage was passing in high speed (since the driver was still scared and continue speeding), one of Frank's snipers shot the carriage. It caused the carriage to knock Lag, Niche, Moss, and Bonnie off the carriage. As the carriage continue to speed away from them (since the driver was still scared and didn't know everyone else fell off the carriage), Lag bag fell down an abyss. Niche then went in the abyss to get Lag's bag back. But will she was doing that, Frank and his men cornered the others. Frank then got back the bag of Spirit Ambers from Moss. But when Lag ask what was going on, Moss explained that Frank is a Spirit Amber Pirate. And when Frank noticed that he was unaware about the truth with Moss & Bonnie, he told him that they stole from him those Spirit Ambers. So when Lag surprisingly ask Moss about the proposal Frank made to Bonnie but Bonnie refused it, Frank laughed about it since he couldn't believe why ANYONE wanted to force Bonnie to marry him. He explained the reason was because Bonnie was a swindler. Both Lag and Moss were surprised to learn that, and Bonnie confess that it was true. When Moss saw Bonnie crying over losing her chance to go to Akatsuki by selling those Spirit Ambers, Moss attacked Frank and tried to get them back. Frank got irritated by Moss's stubbornness to give up, & tried to shot him, but Niche returned and saved Moss. Frank's men tried to shot Niche down, but her hair was able to catch all the bullets. This scared Frank's men to flee. Just as Frank was shouting at them to come back, Bonnie took back the Spirit Ambers. Frank was deeply angry at her, but he was forced to flee with his men when Niche stared at him in an angry way & scary way. As he fled, he shouted that he won't forget this and one day he'll get payback for this.


  • Spirit Amber Pirates are people who illegal steal, mine, smuggle, & sell Spirit Ambers for a high price in the criminal world of Amberground.

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