Film Noir is the 32nd overall episode of Tegami Bachi


Eyewitness reports show that Noir and Roda were seen heading to north Yodaka, toward the town of Blue Notes Blues. Lag and Niche are sent to the town to investigate and seek out Noir. Dr. Thunderland tells them that the Maka originated from that place as well, with hopes that Niche will be able to awaken the blood of the Maka within her.

While trying to keep up with Niche when nearing the outskirts of the town, Lag discovers a strange gaichuu not encountered before. Lag finds Noir's empty cartridges and attempts to fire a shindan to reveal Noir's heart, but is thrown down a crevasse and buried beneath.

Meanwhile, Zazie and Wasiolka try to locate missing letters elsewhere and encounter Noir and Roda who knock them out. While trapped below the ravine, Lag watches Gauche's flashbacks and sees Lawrence asking him to join Reverse, and then gave a girl to assist him. Noir (Gauche at first in the vision) had the girl take him to visit places that his former self once lived.

They both watched the Bee Hive and later Sylvette from a distance. The girl showed Noir a failed experiment from Akatsuki who is washed ashore, and explains that the government was trying to recreate ancient spirits. She reveals that she is one of the experiments that managed to live and escaped. Later, Noir threw away his former identity (Gauche) and took on the name of Noir, Lawrence's personal marauder. The vision concludes.

Soon, Zazie wakes up and attacks Noir, telling him that he won't allow such a dangerous man like him to go near Lag. However, he is knocked down once again and manages to see Noir's memories of dealing with the gaichuu that Lag saw earlier. Lag sees Gauche's flashback of naming the girl Roda. He realizes that Gauche still remembers his former dingo's name, and therefore, there is a chance to help him regain more memories. Niche arrives to rescue Lag and they head out. Niche has Lag follow her through a shortcut, telling him that she knew because she was born in Blue Notes Blues around 200 years ago.


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