Fan Letter to the Musician is the 16th overall episode of Tegami Bachi


Lag is sent on a delivery request by Joey, the president of a cotton mill. The letter the president wants delivered is a fan letter to a famous pianist named Matilda Rein. Lag sends the letter to Matilda, who, at first, doesn't care because of receiving so many impersonal fan letters. However, when she hears it is from Joey, she happily reads its contents.

It turns out that she is motivated by the encouragements of this particular fan named Joey, who writes poems that vitalize her spirits. Matilda and Joey send letters to each other, culminating in a planned meeting. After asking Lag and Niche to accompany her to meet Joey, she tells of how she met her manager Belushi and their unstable relationship.

After some time has passed since Matilda's meeting with Joey, Lag bumps into Belushi outside the Bee Hive and notices that the handwriting on one of the fan letters he dropped looks the same as Joey's. Belushi explains that he and Joey are childhood friends, and that Joey fell in love with Matilda at first sight, so he helped him write letters of encouragement to her. As Joey and Matilda are going out, he feels best not to tell Matilda the truth about the letters.

Later, Belushi tells Matilda that he's quitting as her manager and will be leaving the city and sends her latest music record to her. Lag fires a shindan at the record and it reveals the truth to Matilda. Outside, they run into Belushi, who has decided to come back. Matilda tells Belushi not to leave her, and they both go off together. Joey appears and tells Lag and Niche that he planned for Belushi to write the fan letters as that was the only way to push his old friend into admitting his feelings for Matilda. Joey reveals that he was the one that set up Belushi with Matilda, because he knew Belushi was acting coy with his feelings for her.


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