Dead End Town is the 5th overall episode of Tegami Bachi


Lag and Niche arrive in the town of Kyrie, where it is the place that crosses over to Yuusari, and also a dead end town where few travelers visit. They meet a girl named Nelli Pepper, who gets interested in them and offers to take them to the town's only inn. However, after checking in, Lag realizes that Nelli has made off with his bag, intending to use his crossing pass to go to Yuusari.

Soon, she attacks Lag and tells him that the reason for stealing his pass is to send a letter to a Letter Bee named Jiggy Pepper, whom she hates for abandoning her and her brother Nello Pepper, who died in his absence. After alerting the townspeople's attention, they attack Nelli and take the pass for themselves. Niche arrives in the nick of time and defeat the townspeople, but Nelli recovers and snatches the pass, running all the way to the bridge to Yuusari, while Lag and Niche go after her. A mysterious man named Largo Lloyd becomes interested in Lag and Niche.