Crybaby Boy, Letter Girl (chapter) is the 2nd overall chapter of Tegami Bachi Manga


Connor Culh is delivering a couple of packages to Cambel Litus, as he was shown as one of the main Bees to deliver there. He is also there to pick up Lag Seeing; candidate for Letter Bee Examination. Soon, Lag and Sabrina have a heartfelt goodbye, as she hopes he finds his mother.

Lag and Connor make their way to the train at Aitone Coal Mine in Coal Mine Town, for it is the government's special train that only stops once weekly. Lag begins talking about Gauche Suede; however, Connor just looks on sadly (as Lag doesn't know what has happened to Gauche). They discuss Lag's old dingo, which apparently didn't work out in the end, because it didn't listen to him.

Lag wonders if something other than a dog can be a dingo, but then Lag stumbles upon a broken statue only to see a little girl sitting inside a niche. Lag describes her as having golden hair and sea blue eyes. Connor states that she was just luggage left at the station, but then Lag notices that she is actually a letter. Connor notes that there isn't adequate postage, and that there's an unknown sender.

Lag sees the address, "Rent Town: Love Someone Down"—to which, he thinks is an orphanage. He notes that it should be about 30 km northeast of the train station they are currently. He states that since he is not a Bee yet, he should be able to deliver her and be able to make it in time for the exam at the Bee Hive. Connor decides to give in, and give him his temporary crossing permit, so that he could make it into Yuusari for the Bee Hive.

After Lag mentions that Connor is as kind and sensitive as his aunt, Lag and the girl venture forth in their ascent to Rent Town; hoping to avoid Broccoli Forest, because of gaichuu. Therefore, he plots going from Coal Mine Town to Triangle Head Rock Pass to make it to Rent Town.

Soon, Lag asks the girl what her name was, to which, she lists: Maka, Jenny, Carol, Susan, Elisabeth, Kerry, Jinmei, Abby, and more. He asks her real name, and she says she doesn't have one—therefore, Lag suggests "Niche," because he found her in a niche. She rejects the name, and soon, a gaichuu appears.

Lag mentions a man named Kokesu gave him a gun he could use, but the gun didn't work for Lag. After watching the girl perform with agility, he suggests she could actually be a boy until she jumps over him revealing her private parts. He concluded she was indeed a girl, and then he tells her to put on underpants that she soon rejects.

Lag then calls this girl pretty, especially noting her sea blue eyes and other features, to which, she decides to accept the pants and the name, "Niche." They soon would arrive at "Love Someone Down," as a few men come out to check her and make sure that she is the Maka girl they need. After confirming, she is taken in and they say goodbye.

Lag sets off to return to Yuusari; however, he forgets that the delivery slip needed signed so he rushes back only to be stopped by a town person. This person showed him the flyer that stated an exhibition would be occurring involving the Maka girl.

Meanwhile, men are seen teasing Niche, trying to get her to use her hair as swords. Finally, she slices the entire cage with her hair and escapes toward Broccoli Forest. Lag sees her escaping and runs after her. When he catches up to her, Gaichuu Four Roses appears. After trying to defeat it, he realizes he needs spirit amber indeed to defeat it, and soon would use his Akabari attack technique and defeat the gaichuu. After that, Niche decides to stay by Lag's side, and even calls herself, "Niche, Lag's Dingo!"


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