Crybaby Boy, Letter Girl is the 3rd overall episode of Tegami Bachi


During the five years that Lag lives with his aunt Sabrina, he studied hard to be a Letter Bee. Eventually he passes the preliminary exams and is granted an interview at the Yuusari region.

After bidding goodbye to his aunt and the townspeople, Lag takes off with Connor, a regular Letter Bee at Cambel Litus, to the train station to head for Yuusari. Lag stumbles onto a little girl sitting inside a niche in the station and notices her mailing label, however the delivery details are unclear. Lag decides to part ways with Connor and deliver the girl to her destination himself before heading for the interview. When Lag tries to get her name, the girl tells him that she has many aliases. Lag decides to name her Niche from their first encounter, which she accepts.