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"Rest assured. Nobody can beat me in carriage riding."                                                      - Brytt to Rose


He is the carriage rider of the team & organization, Letter Pigeon.


He is very confident with his speed & skills as a carriage rider, claiming to be the fastest carriage rider of Yuusari, He as has a bad temper to anyone who insults his & his pals group, Letter Pigeon (like when Zazie calling them Letter Bug instead of Letter Pigeon). He, however, can show some kindness & gratitude (like when he smiled at Zazie when he finally called them Letter Pigeon instead of Letter Bug). He's also a very good marksman, as shown when he shoot a ball of glue at the Letter Bee's carriage wheel during the race.


I. Pre - History

He was an orphan with no parents nor relatives. He grew up with his other friends (like Rose & Mark) who also orphans, both adults & children. One day, when he was at a mature age, he and his companions met two orphans named Abelene & Kyle. They have a pigeon named Speranza who deliver their letter to their only relative, their father, living & working far from where they are. He, his companions, & the children lived together at the Yuusari Orphanage with its nun & the other orphan children. But one day, Speranza passed away. Because of this, Abelene & Kyle are unable to communicate with their father. Abelene cried & told about this to Rose. Then, she decided to be her 'Speranza' by creating an independent & private delivery group, Letter Pigeon. Brytt then decided to help her out (along with Mark) to deliver for Abelene & the other people who were poor, orphaned, and forgotten.

II. Season One

One day she, Brytt, & Mark came to the Bee Hive. They met Lag & Niche there. They gave the two a letter of challenge. Rose explained that they want to challenge him & the other Letter Bees in a delivery race. They told
Letter Pigeon 2

Rose and her team challenging Lag and the other Letter Bees in a race.

them that they are a recently made & pivery delivery group, Letter Pigeon. But Niche mistake them saying "Letter Bug" instead of "Letter Pigeon". Then Zazie, along with Connor, came saying "Letter Bug?". Brytt angrily said that it was Letter Pigeon, not Letter Bug. Zazie questioned about them (along with Connor) about who they & why their here challenging them. Rose explained to them that they don't like the fact they charge people with such large prices for deliveries & they wanted to prove that the Letter Bees aren't the only people who can deliver letters. At first, Zazie didn't want to bother racing them. But when Brytt & Rose intimated him into joining by saying that he was scared that he would lose & that if he lose, people would want the Letter Pigeon to do their delivery instead of Letter Bees; Zazie was enraged. Then suddenly, Headmaster Largo Lloyd appears. He overheard everything about their conversation; and since they (Lag, Zazie,
Lord Gisarl 5

Lord Gisarl announcing the two teams in the start of the race.

and Connor) aren't busy, he said that they should give the challenge a try. So with Lord Gisarl as the announcer & Lloyd as the instructor, Letter Bee began their race with Letter Pigeon. After Lord Gisarl announce them to the crowd/viewers, Lloyd explained the rules. He told them the route & location for their pick up for letter/s. Then told them the route & location of where to coe back (which is the Bee Hive). He also mentioned that to even the numbers in both teams, the Letter's Bees dingos aren't allowed to join the race & they are to stay at the starting/finishing line. After his done explaining everything, Lord Gisarl signaled the race & the two teams moved. As the race began, Letter Pigeon were at full speed while Connor of Letter Bee used a carrot trick to speed up his carriage horse. But both teams saw the road block because of the time (before lunch time, the main road is block for security reasons [my opinion]). Connor stopped his team's carriage, but Brytt used a long detour nearby for his team's carriage instead. Connor didn't follow them despite his team complaining about being far behind. He explained that the main road will be unblocked by lunch time & this path was 'much' faster route than the one Letter Pigeon used. Meanwhile, Brytt ensure his teammates of Letter Pigeon that they'll be far ahead of them since he is the fastest carriage rider of Yuusari (that's what he claim). Rose also reminded them that she chose this route since the main road will be blocked for awhile. Sometime later when Connor finished his pizza that he was eating while waiting; the workers came & unblocked the road. Zazie & Lag were surprised how Connor was accurate about the time (lunchtime - 12 pm) that the road will be unblocked. As Connor started & speed up the carriage, he recommended that they should stop by a nearby shop for food (his friends were surprised since he already ate pizza; but Connor explained that it was his breakfast, not lunch). But after that, Letter Pigeon came from behind when exiting the long detour. They were surprised how Letter Bee got ahead. Rose blamed Brytt for not being fast enough, but he countered it when he asked her that it was her who researched & chose their detour route. So Rose suddenly said that the 'real' fault was underestimating the Letter Bee's skills. As both teams left Yuusari, Letter Pigeon was able to get ahead of Letter Bee. But because Letter Bee was still close behind them, Mark executed "Plan 1" by throwing a box of spikes behind them & at Letter Bee's carriage. Zazie, however, was able to blast them back at Letter Pigeon's carriage by using his "Blue Thorn" shot. Brytt tried to stop them with "Plan 2", but the spikes Zazie countered damaged the carriage's wheel. The wheel feel off the carriage & Letter Pigeon were stranded. As Letter Bee got ahead again, Zazie called them 'Letter
Brytt 1

Brytt shooting glue balls at Connor's carriage wheels.

Bug' again (with Brytt following up by saying it's Letter Pigeon, not Letter Bug). Then some time later, they were able to catch up with Letter Bee at the cliff path. As they close in behind their opponent, Brytt executed "Plan 3" by shooting a ball of glue with a slingshot at the Letter Bee's carriage wheel. Because of it, Connor couldn't properly move the carriage & forced to stop before almost falling of the cliff path. Connor was able to stop it; but because the wheel was still covered in glue, he wouldn't be able to move it. So Letter Pigeon's carriage pass them as Brytt said, "Bye-bye Bees!" in a insulting manner. As the Letter Bees remove the glue from the wheel, Letter Pigeon was able to get their letter/s from their destination (the church/orphanage) & head back to the Bee Hive. But on their way back, a Gaichuu attacked. It destroyed their carriage. Mark tried to shoot it down with his rifle gun, but the normal bullets don't have an effect on it. Mark & Brytt have Rose go on ahead to the Bee Hive to win while they distracted the Gaichuu. After Rose left, the two struggled to live through it; but suddenly, Zazie appeared & defeated the Gaichuu with his shindan. He, Lag, & Connor began shooting down more Gaichuu that appeared after the first one was defeated. Zazie had Lag go on ahead to get to the finish line before Rose does, while he & Connor take care of the remaining Gaichuus. Lag went ahead, but was still confuse why both Brytt & Mark were so concern in having Rose get to the finish line and winning; despite the events with the Gaichuu appearing. But on the way, he saw Rose being attacked by another Gaichuu. The Gaichuu knocked Rose unconcious, but Lag was able to defeat it before it could further
Letter Pigeon Logo 1

Rose's tattoo reacting to Lag's shindan.

attack her. But the shindan remains from the Lag's last attack touched Rose's tattoo. As a result, images with her past concerning the orphanage from earlier appear. Lag then relieved from those memories why Rose & her companions were so determined to win & why they formed Letter Pigeon. After that, Lag decided to carry Rose with him to the finish line. Rose asked why his doing this, and Lag explained that the reason was because she (and her companions & the orphaned children) were "letters of hope & heart" for others (similar to Lag past situation). So the two ended up crossing the finish line (Bee Hive) together. Everyone came & cheered for the both of them. Later that day, Rose & her companions told Lag & his friends that they lost and admitted that not everyone can be a Letter Bee; but they wouldn't give up & they will continue to deliver letters for those who are 'forgotten'. As they left, Zazie shouted & called them "Letter Pigeons"; Brytt angrily said, "It's not Letter Pigeon, it's Letter...", but he relived that Zazie finally called their group's name properly. He smiled at them & left with his team mates. The next day, Lag & Niche saw Rose calling Brytt & Mark to hurry up with their pace. Mark complained that he was hungry & Brytt complained that he's tried; but Rose said that they have to first finish all their deliveries. As the two tried to catch up with her, Lag smiled at them without them noticing him. He then continued with Niche to finish their delivery.


1. He is the only member of the "Letter Pigeon" who responded to Zazie whenever he calls them "Letter Bug" (By saying "It's not Letter Bug, it's Letter Pigeon!").

2. His name, "Brytt", is the Swedish word for 'Cut'.

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