Bread and Underpants is the 18th overall chapter of Tegami Bachi Manga


Lag is searching for Niche. Meanwhile, Niche is leaping through the air, to which, Pisaro notices and calls her a "fairy with no underpants." Niche wants Steak for food and desires to cook him; therefore, she begins searching for a place to cook.

Niche wanders into Sinner's Bread and Gun Shop, where she attempts to cook him. She is caught by Sandra Gobani—who mistakes her for a burglar. She begins fighting Sandra, before Jacob Gobani catches her. Niche remembers that Lag says no hurting people, so she quit fighting.



Soon, Jacob and Sandra decide to feed Niche and talk to her. They notice she doesn't wear underpants, and then offer to be godparents. However, commotion is then heard outside, to which, Jacob, Sandra, and Niche go out to see Pisaro walking across a sky line balancing. Lag is attempted to get him to come down; however, both Lag and Pisaro fall down—only for Niche to catch them.

Lag asks Niche to come home. Jacob talks to Lag about "Gauche." He offers Lag a "letter bullet"—to which, he can write anything on, even just one word, to shoot into Gauche. Lag thinks this will help, especially so that Gauche can receive his memory again.


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