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                  "Glaid, I got the Ambers... Now I can go to Akatsuki too. And then,... Yeah I'll be together... with Glaid that is."

                    - Memories of Bonnie's gun charm


She is a swindler who stole Spirit Ambers so she can sell them to get to Akatsuki.


She may act nice, but she can be very wicked in fooling people. She also very attracted which assists her in her swindling. She can trick people very well, unless they already know the truth.


I. Pre - History

She has a love named Glaid. One day, he went to Akatsuki to work. Bonnie wanted to reunited with him again. So she plans on finding a way to get to Akatsuki.

II. Season One

She, along with Moss, had just stolen a small hand bag of Spirit Ambers from Frank, the illegal Amber seller. She and Moss then went on a carriage that would take them to the next town. There, they plan to sell the Spirit Ambers in order to get money to get in Akatsuki. The reason why she is doing all this is because she plans on going to Akatsuki to see her true love, Glaid. But Moss doesn't know this & the fact that he is being used to do so since Moss is in love with Bonnie. But on the way, she and Moss met Lag and Niche in the same carriage they are riding in.

She then learns from Lag that he lied to Niche (about waiting for her to finish watching Lord Gisarl's performance before going on the delivery, but he left to finish the delivery himself while Niche was watching), which helped her understand why Niche was angry at Lag and then went on top of the carriage with Steak to cool down at bit. Moss then explained to Lag that lying is bad especially to a girl, but then he asked why she was with him if he was a Letter Bee (since Letter Bees are the government's servants & their job is very dangerous). But before Lag could answer, Bonnie explained to him that it was most likely that Niche was Steak's trainer, which she believed to be Lag's dingo.

Later, as the carriage driver has temporarily stopped the carriage so the carriage's horses can drink, Moss & Bonnie were having a romance-based conversation which ended with a kiss. Niche & Lag were on top of the carriage when they accidentally overheard their conversation & witnessed their kiss. Lag tried to cover Niche's eyes when Moss & Bonnie kissed, but Niche asked Lag why Bonnie was licking Moss's lips and Lag had problems explaining her what's a kiss is, which ended in a awkward conversation of their own. Later on after the carriage was moving again, everyone was inside the carriage.

Then, the driver heard noises from the back and he got confused & panicked when a group of men on horses were chasing the carriage & shooting at it, shouting at him to stop the carriage. But the driver was scared so much that instead, he sped up the horses from them. When Bonnie saw this, she panicked & threatened the driver to speed up even faster. Then Lag questioned Bonnie & Moss if those people were chasing them, because he noticed their reaction to the group of men behind them. Then, Bonnie then lied & explained that those people were chasing them because their leader, Frank, got anger at her that she refused to marry him and marry Moss instead (despite Moss knowing that it was a lie, he was still touched of what she said) & then Frank tried to kill both her & Moss out of anger.

Lag understood the explanation, but Niche asked, what's a "marriage". Then, Bonnie explained that marriage is when two people in love get to be together. But just then, Frank & his men came close to the carriage. Just when Moss & Bonnie thought they're doomed, Niche came out the carriage and attacked Frank & his men with her powers (the hair acting like a whip or club). As Niche knocked them off the horses, Lag shouted not to kill them (that worked) then shouted not to hurt them (that one didn't work) in vein. After Niche saved the day (and Frank cursed them & vowed to get them), Moss thanked Lag & Niche a lot for saving them. As he did it, Bonnie then understood that Niche was Lag's dingo, as well as impressed of Niche's ability to use her hair.

Just as things settled down, one of Frank's gunman shot the carriage's wheel, causing the carriage to accidentally send Lag & everybody in the passenger's seat out of the carriage through the carriage door. As they try to stand again, the driver (who was still speedy out of fear from what happened & had no idea that everyone else fell out the carriage) continued to speed the horses & drive away from them. Lag then saw his bag fall into the depths of an abyss (or something close, it looked as a large crack on the earth which was a bit deep; but was possible for people to walk down into it), so Niche went in there to fetch it. Then, Frank & his men captured them well Niche was still fetching Lag's bag. Frank got back his bag of Spirit Ambers from Moss, which surprised Lag why Moss had them in the first place & why Frank got them. When Lag asked Moss, he explained everything: him being an illegal Spirit Amber trader, Moss & Bonnie stealing his Spirit Ambers from him, and the aftermath from it.

So, when Lag asked Moss if it is true & the story about Frank chasing them because Bonnie rejected his proposal for marriage being a lie, Frank laugh at Lag because he couldn't believe that Lag believe such a ridicules story (to Frank at least, saying "what idiot would force this women to marry him"). He explain the reason why he said that was because Bonnie was a swindler, a person who uses lies & tricks to obtain money & possessions. Moss & Lag were surprised by this, and Bonnie admitted that what he said was true. She was angry & sad that she was unable to go to Akatsuki with her love (it is possible it referred to her real love in Akatsuki, but Moss thought it was referred to him), and when Moss saw this, he went to get back the Spirit Ambers from Frank. Frank got angry from Moss's stubbornness to give up, that he tried to shot him. But Niche came and saved Moss. Niche was able to drive away all the Spirit Amber pirates & Frank and Bonnie was able to get the Spirit Ambers. But after Moss thanked Niche for saving them again, Lag questioned them why they stole Spirit Ambers (since Lag was someone who is sensitive to laws). They explained that they did it to get to Akatsuki by selling the Spirit Ambers for money & use it to get in Akatsuki (which surprised Lag since he only know the only way to get there was by being a Head Bee). When they left, Lag went after them & took the bag of Spirit Ambers. He then try to convince them to reconsider; he wants them to be happy, but he doesn't want to steal in order to do so. Bonnie tried to scare him in give the bag back by using her gun; but when Lag continue to try to convince them, she actually shoot with her gun. The bullet hit the bag of Spirit Ambers and as they fell down the slope to a abyss (similar to the one Niche went in to get Lag's bag), one of the Spirit Ambers (a blue one) glowed & went in sync with Lag's Spirit Amber in his eye. The two resonating caused Bonnie's gun to reveal its memories. There, it was revealed through it that Bonnie used Moss to get to Akatsuki (by getting Spirit Ambers & selling them to get money for the trip) so she can reunite with her true love, Glaid, who is working there. Bonnie threw the gun and tried to lie to them about those memories being lies, but Moss understood that the gun's memories were true & Bonnie was using him. He then got Bonnie's gun & prepare to use it to shot Bonnie. Bonnie tried to lie & said that she really loved him. Moss gave up on shooting her, but he slapped her & said that he understands that she really can actually love him. Bonnie got angry at Lag & blamed him for ruining her plans, then tried to shot him with her gun. But Niche destroy & said angrily that she lied. Bonnie then cursed everything & fled down to the sloped abyss. Moss then thank Lag for showing him the truth of Bonnie's feelings. Lag was sorry for what happened, but Moss said that it was better to know the truth then being left in the dark. Then he cried & lefted with Lag and Niche waiting him in pity.


  • From the way Frank revealed to Lag & Moss about Bonnei being a swindler, it is possible that he know very well about Bonnei in the past personally or through other people in the criminal world.
  • Her alternative name is Bonny.

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