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As gaichuu begin to surround them, Aria tells Niche that they need to run. Explaining to Niche that she has a very special shindan, Aria attempts to run away before slippinng. Niche disobeys Aria and begins to fight. She tells the young woman that Aria needs to use her shindan to destroy the gaichuu, and Aria attempts to fire her shindan, but her heart cannot be manipulated as easy as Lag's. Aria's concentration is weak, making it hard for her to fire her shindan. As Aria harasses Niche for being reckless, the memories of her shindan begin to form. The memories of Bolt linger in Aria's heart as she becomes tied in the gaichuu's tenticles. Niche manages to save her, and says that only Aria can defeat the gaichuu with her shindan. She continues to tell her that Bolt had said the same to her when he was her dingo, and Aria remembers the day Bolt had wanted to go on a delivery with her despite being blind. The memory of Bolt causes Aria to use her shindan, allowing her to take out multiple gaichuu at once. 


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