Beneath the Light (chapter) is the 10th overall chapter of Tegami Bachi Manga


Lag is just waking up after dreaming of the photo of the Empress—to which, Lag believes it looks like his mother. Lag remembers he is in Sylvette's house, as they are allowed to stay in Gauche's old room (at least until he returns).

Meanwhile, Sylvette is chasing Niche around the house, ordering her around with such things as brush your teeth, etc. Soon, at breakfast, Lag admits he is glad to stay at Sylvette's place, to which, she tells Lag to always make sure he comes back. Lag is trying Sylvette's soup, to which, he completely dislikes and remembers that Gauche had some back when Lag was delivered as a letter.

The door bell rings, to which, Lag is quick to answer it (to get away from Sylvette's soup). Aria Link is waiting on Lag, so that the two of them can talk. She gives him his attire for being a Letter Bee, and then leads him to the Hill of Prayer. At the Hill of Prayer, she explained that it was Gauche's favorite spot, and that on The Day of the Flicker, Gauche lost an important piece of his heart on that hill: memories of his mother.

She also explains to Lag that the Empress is the ruler of the country, and is the object of worship for the church as the head. Aria later warns Lag, "If you get too close to the light...the shadows turn to deep darkness. That's what it means to aim for the position of Head Bee. Soon, Connor and Zazie ask Lag for help with a troublesome gaichuu; therefore, Lag goes and helps them.


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