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              "Only those who play whole-heartedly have the right to say that. Play a piece with the resolution that will turn the heads of everyone here."

                               - Belushi to Matilda in the past


He is Matilda Rain's manager. He works to make her the no. 1 pianist in Yuusari.


He thens to act stubborn sometimes. He also argues with Matilda as well. He has problems telling his true emotions & feelings, but found it easy to write them in a letter. He drinks beer when he's bored or upset. He was able to show his feelings to Matilda thanks to Lag & Niche (and his friend, Joey, surprisingly). Despite him & Matilda having feelingsfor each other, they then to argue when it comes to work or music.


I. Pre - History


Since childenhood, he & Joey were good friends.

3 Years Ago

One day, when he was an adult, he entered a pub so he can drink. But as he drank, he noticed Matilda playing her piano 'half-heartedly'. He then complained why she was playing like that. She then told him the reason was

Belushi's first meeting with Matilda.

because no one here would even pay attention to her music. But Belushi then talk back that only those who play 'whole-heartedly' can say that. So he told her to play a song that would turn everyone's head towards her. So when she began playing the piano with all her passion, everyone  in the pub was only paying attention to her & her music. After that, Belushi promised her that he would make her the best pianist in all of Yuusari. As time pass, he & Matilda didn't hold back in their work, but the recently started quarreling about it. But he also began developing feelings for her, but can't work that courage to tell it.

Half A Year Ago

But one day, he invite his friend, Joey, to Matilda's piano concert. When Joey noticed his feelings for Matilda, he secretly made a plan to have Belushi show his feelings to Matilda. So Joey lied to Belushi that he was in love with her. Belushi couldn't believe him (despite him knowing well that Joey was a playboy). But he was even more surprised that he told him to write fan letters to Matilda for him. Joey explained that he was the only one who understood her & her music. So since then, he was writing fan letters in Joey's name to Matilda. In those letters, it contain all of his feelings & true emotions about her & her music. However, Matilda didn't know that & thought it was written by Joey himself. But those fan letters he wrote encourage her when she was down. But neither him nor Matilda know that it was part of Joey plan for them to be together.

II. Season One

One day, he came back to Matilda's home after drinking at the pub. There, he met Lag & Niche with Matilda during their deliver of a fan letter from Joey (though the letter was written by Belushi himself) to Matilda. Then, he & Matilda once again got into an argument relating to work. As they argue, Lag & Niche went out since their work is done & the other two were busy arguing. But as they went outside, Matilda suddenly went after them & ask them if they could tell her where Joey lived. As Belushi watched, Lag denied to answer because he doesn't have permission to tell her where Joey lives nor works (since Joey acted as someone supporting Matilda from the shadows). Then when Matilda couldn't get Lag to tell her, she decided instead to have him deliver her letter to Joey (which says she wants to thanked him for the fan letters in person). After that, Belushi went to advertise & work on Matilda's record and music as she finally met up with Joey. One day, he went to the Bee Hive to send a lot of advertising letters for Matilda's new album. Before he could enter, he accidentally drop the letters. Lag & Niche were nearby when it happened, so they help him get the letters for him. After that, he thanked Lag & went inside to send the letters. But after he entered, Niche told Lag that he accidental left one more letter on the floor. Lag got it & was about to give it back, but he noticed that the letter's handwriting was the same as the handwriting on Joey's fan letter. So when Belushi went to the pub for a drink, Lag comfronted him & not only gave him the letter, but also
Belushi 1

Belushi drinking as he argued to himself about Matilda better doing a good job since he spent lots of money for advertising her music.

asked him if he was the one writing all of Joey's fan letters to Matilda because both his letters & Joey's fan letters have the same handwriting. Belushi denied at first, but he finally confessed that it was true. He explained that Joey was actually his childhood friend. And when he invited him to one of Matilda's musical performance half a year ago, Joey fell in love with her in first sight. At first, Belushi thought it was just him acting as a playboy again; but now, it seem him to that Joey meant it. Joey has sent those fan letters to check the situation with Matilda & her true feelings for him. But Lag ask why Belushi why he was writing the letters instead of being Joey himself. He explained that it was because he was the one who knows Matilda's music the best. Lag agreed with him because Matilda told her that those letters always encourage her when she's down. Belushi said it was strange that the words he can't say out loud, he can write them in a letter. Lag asked that if those words in the fan letters were his true feelings, but Belushi was unsure if it was true. Then he asked Lag to keep it a secret from her. But Lag asked why. Belushi explained that the reason was because Joey & Matilda were already getting along, and he doesn't want to cause trouble for them. And despite Lag arguing to him that it would be the same as lying to her, he said that if it was for Matilda's happiness, it necessary to lie. But suddenly, Matilda came to them from outside because Matilda needed to tell Belushi that Joey proposed to her. Everyone was shocked from the sudden event. The next day, Belushi told Matilda that he quit being her manager, saying that he found another pianist (though this is obviously a lie just so he can't trouble Matilda's new love affair). Matilda argued about what would she do if he leaves, but he told her that she already has someone who wants to marry her. So then he left to the pub first for one more drink before leaving Yuusari. But as he was drinking, Lag & Niche came rushing to him because they learned that he was leaving. He said to them that it didn't concern them. Then he asked them to give Matilda her newest & greatest album for him. But before left, Niche questioned why he was leaving Matilda if he was Matilda's dingo. But he didn't answer & simply left. He went to a carriage to the next town, but he relieved that he entered the wrong carriage. So he was forced to go back to Yuusari. But as he was walking, he saw Lag, Niche, & Matilda there. He panicked & tried to hide in an alley, but
Belushi 2

Belushi trying to hide from Matilda & the others.

they already saw him. When they asked why he was still here, he explained what happened with the usage of the wrong carriage. But when he saw Lag smile, he immediately figured out that Lag told everything to Matilda. Before he could finish saying "You fool!" to Lag, Matilda asked him not leave her. She asked him if what he promised before about making her Yuusari's no.1 pianist was a lie. Belushi happily told her that he meant it & that he would never leave her because he was her partner. The two hug romantically. Then Belushi said they would start preparing her with her pianist skills. But she argued why he had to ruin the romantic moment with work-related topic. Then the two walk away from Lag & Niche as they argued again.


1. Belushi's name is also translated as Belrsh.

2. The pub he visited are all the same pub, the same pub where he first met Matilda.

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