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Bee Hive is the office of Letter Bee's and where the letter's kept there. Bee Hive (BEE-HIVE Yūbinkan Hachi no Su?, lit. Mail House Beehive): The headquarters of the delivery service where all the "Bees" work. Located in Yuusari, the middle-class area of AmberGround.


1. Largo Lloyd (Headmaster)

Bee Hive 2

Bee Hive - High View


Bee Hive - Exterior View

2. Aria Link (Secretary)

3. Gauche Suede (Ex - Letter Bee)

4. Lag Seeing (Letter Bee)

5. Zazie Shrine (Letter Bee)

6. Connor Kluff (Letter Bee)

7. Moc Sullivan (Letter Bee)

8. Jiggy Pepper (Letter Bee)

9. Elena Blanc (Letter Bee - Deceased)

10. Dr. Thunderland Jr. (Medic/Scientist)

11. Mana Jones (Medic/Scientist)

12. Lily Confort (Letter Bee - Deceased [Manga Only])

13. Signal and Signales (Ex - Letter Bees/Gatekeepers)

14. Caribs Garrard (Ex - Letter Bee/Ex - Reverse Member [Anime]) (2nd Headmaster [Manga])

15. Hunt (Medic)

16. Sarah (Assistant)


1. Niche (Lag's Dingo/Maka)

2. Roda / Roda [Human] (Gauche Suede's Dingo)

3. Steak (Niche's Pet/Meal)

4. Gus (Connor's Dingo)

5. Wasiolka (Zazie's Dingo)

6. Harry (Jiggy's Dingo)

7. Krank (Moc's Dingo)

8. Darwin (Elena's Dingo - Deceased)

9. Bolt (Aria's Dingo)

10. Sawan (Lily's Dingo - Unknown Status)

11. Alonji (Signal & Signales Pet/Dingo)

12. Hazle Valentine (Caribs Garrard's Dingo)


1. Anne Seeing

2. Vincent Alcott

3. Promesa Prometas

4. Joey

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