Battle in Yuusari Central! is the 49th overall episode of Tegami Bachi


The blasts from Lag, Noir, and Zazie did not seem to faze the Cabernet. The problem they had discovered was that the Cabernet had no gaps to be able to shoot a shindan into. Even Niche attempts to cut into it to no avail. Soon, the Cabernet runs away.

Towns are in full alert with sirens going off for evacuation purposes, especially in Yuusari, for shortly after they had evacuated, the Cabernet struck their town. The Cabernet swept through Yuusari damaging many buildings, including the Bee Hive. Thankfully, the Ones Unable to Become Spirit were evacuated, so that Reverse could not lay hold of them.

The Cabernet breaks out soon, and the Bees had a plan to use the Maka (and Niche's sister) to take down the Cabernet. This is courtesy of where Largo Lloyd disappeared to when Aria needed him most. The Maka kept on fighting the Cabernet, however, Garrard opened up gaichuu attraction beads and dumped them, which caused many gaichuu to appear.
The Bees were preoccupied on taking out the gaichuu, however, eventually Niche and her sister crack the membrane of the Cabernet. Lag and Noir were able to send a shindan onto the Cabernet, which knocked it out temporarily. Many people thought it was defeated and that the Bees and Noir had won, but soon, the Cabernet regenerates and heads straight toward the artificial sun.


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