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The Artificial Sun is a man made sun in the world of Tegami Bachi.

Bifrost Bridge


"The night may be endless in Amberground, but the capital of Akatsuki enjoys a simulated daylight under a small, man-made sun. In Yuusari, this sun casts a perpetual twilight. In Yodaka, the light is no brighter than a full moon."

-Tegami Bachi Volume 1 by Hiroyuki Asada


The Artificial Sun is a man-made sun that illuminates the world of Tegami Bachi. It is rarely turned off for maintenance as the Government's only official explanation for the Day of the flicker.

It is later revealed that the Artifical Sun is alive and feeds on people's "Heart" to "recharge" itself. Its actual appearance is that of a circular sphere with what looks like a white spot in the shape of a fetus and seems to have a left eye. A theory mentioned that it could've have been Lag himself

Volume 17 Chapter 77 Page 22-23

By the letter's memory, Largo Lloyd explains that a Gaichuu will awaken once the heart supply of the artificial sun runs out

Hodai Franklin, one of the survivors, tells Aria what he saw on that day, the creature dwelling on the man-made sun, and of how it seemed to be whispering the word mother repeatedly. This experience has caused him to believe that the man-made sun ate the hearts of those affected, and will continue to do so as long is it exists.

In Chapter 77, Largo Lloyd later revealed that behind the Artificial Sun is a Gaichuu sleeping and once that heart runs out, it will awaken. As Lag and the others headed for Blue Notes Blue, Largo Lloyd revealed that the artificial sun is a massive Gaichuu named Spiritus.

In Chapter 91, Puma showed Lag and Chico a dark secret of the capital, down deep in Akatsuki, Puma tells them about the Sourth of the Sunlight where the people who entered the capital are extracted to supply the sun until there is nothing left in their body. Lag wondered if Gauche was still there and he got angry and asked the reason of the existence of the Letter Bees. In the end of the chapter, The sun was flickered, but according to Zazie, the sun didn't turn back on as if it was out of energy and Spiritus may awake to this world