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Lawrence continues to talk about Reverse's plans to Signal, telling him that he will have his revenge soon. Cabernet will devour the sun, he says, and Amberground will be locked in darkness. Meanwhile, Lag continues to deliver letters from the Cold Letter Division, and is praised by Aria upon his return. As Lag reads the adress for the letter, the boy starts to collapse and subsequently falls. Lag is transfered to the recovery wing of the Beehive, and Dr. Thunderland lectures him about using his shindan too many times as Garrard steps in. Her superior's callous and dismissive behavior causes Aria to deliver letters from the Cold Letter Division instead of Lag. As Aria once again dresses into her letter bee uniform, Bolt begins to worry, but Aria tells him that she'll be fine. Within the recovery wing, Dr. Thunderland explains to Lag why he is so worried about Aria: she has zero cooridination. Worried, Lag dispatches Niche to be her dingo. After some proding, Niche reluctantly agrees. Together, the two go off to the adress. Lag askes Dr. Thunderland if he was on the airship during Day of the Flicker. He continues to say that the letters Aria was currently delivering were going to be delivered to Astor.

Aria learns that the recipient of the letters, Hodai Franklin, left not long after Day of the Flicker to Goodbye Amsterdam. She and Niche take a shortcut through Black Cherry Pool, and Niche is visibly annoyed at Aria's lack of balance. The two agrue, and are interupted by an abrupt appearance of gaichuu. Dr. Thunderland revelas that he has no memory of the day the airship crashed and also lost his eye. He continues to tell Lag that everyone who had been on the airship lost peices of their bodies and hearts. Lag askes what the man-made sun is as the heartometer needle skyrockets. Lag's spirit amber eye begins to glow and begins to mummer "mother." The gaichuu are about to attack as Aria and Niche simultaniously tell each other to be careful.  


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