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He is an amphibious monster that is Signal's dingo/partner. He lives in the river of Bifrost Bridge, the same river that separates Yuusari from Yodaki. Since he is Signal's dingo, he normally stays in the river part close to Kyrie Gate (the gate Signal manages). As his dingo & other gatekeeper/guardian of Kyrie Gate, his job is to 'annihilate' or 'eat' anyone who Signal finds troublesome. Normally, that 'troublesome' person is either someone who forces his way through Kyrie Gate; or someone who pretends to be a person who has permission to cross through the gate (he can tell by using his 'pipe shindan' to identify between the person & that person's permission letter).


Alonji Manga

Alonji in the manga.

He is a lizard-like monster, but he has skin instead of scales (that why he is an amphibian). He is the size of a Gaichuu. He has yellow skin and brown eyes, a long tongue, and webbed-feet, like those of a frog. He also has four legs, a long tail, and a large mouth.


1. He is similar to a cross between a lizard and a frog.

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