"'What has been lost will never return.' This was one of the statements I set down when I first plotted the story."

"You must remember that and take care not to break things I told my three-year-old son."

"But he always says to me, 'You're wrong, Daddy." (Is this what Lag thinks?)

~Hiroyuki Asada 2015

Chapters List (There are 7)


Waltz for Debby

Possibility of a New World

Regarding Henry

Song at Journey's Beginning

Kuu-Chan the Puma

Akatsuki, the Capital


  • There's a typo on the character page in Chico's image. It seems to be Niche rather than her
  • Some roles such as Largo's is outdated since it still remains as Ex-Beehive Director and his Reverse Role isn't included.
  • Unlike the other volumes, Dr. Thunderland's Referrence is spread within the volume.
  • Noir and Roda seems to be missing in the story

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