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Akatsuki is a major location in the Tegami Bachi series.


The capital of Amberground dominated by Jick Valor. Access is strictly limited. A Capital Crossing Pass is required for enter, and it is restricted to the holder only - even the holder's family cannot easily obtain clearance. Only the elite call Akatsuki home. It is the only segment of land mostly lit by the Artificial Sun. It houses the Amberian Government, and all the wealthiest in Amberground. That being said, so far, no one knows what lies inside the crown-shaped barrier but it is presumed to be like a clear sunny sky. You can only take a train to Akatsuki, but there are mysterious
Akatsuki Capitol Train

The Silhouettes in The Train to Akatsuki.

silhouettes in the shape of people that are also on the train. As of right now, it is unclear why there are these "ghosts" but it most likely shows the hearts of people's hearts that were devoured by the Artificial Sun.

Nearby locations

In front of Akatsuki and connected by the river lies Kagerou, a place where the Artificial Spirits Project is carried out. It is the place where experiments are done and also where failed experiments' carcasses are discarded.

Source:Wikipedia JP

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