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She is one of the orphans staying in the Yuusari's Church Orphanage. She is good friends with Rose. She had a pigeon named "Speranza" who used to send letters to her father working far away. But when Speranza died, she wasn't able to send letters to him anymore. So Rose decided to be her "Speranza" and started the independent & private delivery organization, "Letter Pigeon".


She is kind and friendly even to strangers. She is also very cheerful and put up a big smile. But she can still feel sad like when her pigeon, Speranza, died. She is very respectful to other people like the orphanage's nun.


Pre - History

Abelene and Kyle 1

Abelene and Kyle meeting Rose and the other orphans.

Her dad went to work abroad, leaving his daughter & her brother to be taken cared by the orphanage nun. She also given a pigeon who was named Speranza. She and her brother met the orphanage nun, along with Rose and the other orphaned people (both children and adults). As Rose introduced Abelene and her brother, Rose noticed Abelene's pigeon. When she asked Abelene about it, Abelene explained that the bird was Speranza and he was given to her to help deliver her letters to her father, who was working far away. Rose was happy for her since unlike everyone else (who have no parents), Abelene and her brother have a dad. For
Abelene 1

Abelene crying over the death of her pigeon, Speranza.

then, Abelene and her father have been communicating with letters through Speranza. But one day, Speranza passed away. Abelene cried  and told about this to Rose. Because Speranza died, Abelene can't communicate with her father anymore. And she can't rely on the Letter Bees to send her letters because she doesn't have enough money, it's the same with everyone else since their poor. So Rose talked to the orphanage nun about this and said that she'll be Abelene's Speranza by forming an independent & private delivery group called Letter Pigeon. From here, Rose and some of the other orphaned adults help with the creation and function of the private delivery group. She helped deliver Abelene's letters to her father along with other people who can't afford for hiring Letter Bees and those who were forgotten.

Season 1

One day, Rose and her companions, Brytt & Mark, set out from the orphanage and headed to the Bee Hive. They plan to challenge the Letter Bees in a delivery race. The reason behind this was to prove to them that they are better than the Letter Bees. And this will both teach them a lesson and have people depend on the Letter Pigeon more than the Letter Bees. The also plan on having the orphanage as part of the competition by having Abelene & her brother provide the letters for the delivery contest (the letters ARE real, so they still need to be delivered to the receiver afterward). Abelene, her brother, the nun, and the other orphans sent their good-byes to them and their good lucks to them. Later that day, Rose and her team returned to the orphanage and got their letter from Abelene, as part of the competition. They left and headed back to the Bee Hive. After that she, her brother, and and a friend of their's played with them outside. But they soon saw a wagon rode by Letter Bees, and they ran back inside the
Yuusari Orphanage 2

Lag and his team greeting Abelene and Kyle.

orphanage. Then the Letter Bee's Team (Lag, Zazie, and Connor) arrived at the orphanage andknocked at the door. Abelene and her brother opened the door and were greeted by them. She asked if they were really Letter Bees, and Lag answered yes. Connor asked if Rose's team arrived, and Abelene answered yes. Lag asked for their letter, but Abelene's brother refused too. Then the orphanage nun came. She explained to Lag and his friends why he is acting this way. He, Abelene, and the other people here can't hire the Letter Bees for delivery because they lack the money to pay for their services. So because of that, many of them are unable to
Yuusari Orphanage

Kyle stubbornly giving Lag and the other Letter Bees his letter.

have their letters sent to their love ones living in far away areas. Lag decided that they will their to send the orphans' letters despite the lack of payment. The nun then convinced the boy to give his letter to them. At first he refuses, but he finally gave in and angrily gave his letter to Lag. Lag then thanked him and promised to send their letters from now on. He then left with Zazie and Connor in the wagon and went to the Bee Hive, trying to catch up on Rose's team. Later that day, they learned that Lag and Rose crossed the finished line together; but Rose considered this her team's lost because of the accident with the Gaichuu earlier in the race. Despite that, she and her team won't give up and will continue to deliver letters for both the orphaned people and the citizens of Yuusari.

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