A Place to Return To is the 47th overall episode of Tegami Bachi


The Ones Unable to Become Spirit are being transported to the Hill of Prayer. Noir hopes to find his way out of the lake he jumped into and finding the Ones Unable to Become Spirit before Lawrence gets to them. Noir is then seen visiting Sinner's Bread and Gun Shop, and tells them that he is no longer Gauche, but that he wants a shindanjuu - which makes Sandra and Jacob angry. However, Jacob compromises and gives Noir a half-working shindanjuu that "might break soon."

As he is heading out, he sees Sylvette, and she talks to him for a while. Noir doesn't know what to say except for that he isn't Gauche and he isn't her brother. Sylvette still claims, however, that he is a brother to her. Noir was speechless, and the two of them hugged, and Noir thanked her.

Back near Shark Cape where the Bees are battling Reverse, the Cabernet rumbles the ground, which causes Lag and Zazie to go after it. As they were headed down the path, being pursued by Garrard who was also shooting at them, a gaichuu pops up, to which, captures Zazie and Connor by its ropes. Lag attempts to shoot the gaichuu until he too is taken by the gaichuu ropes. Soon, Noir is seen shooting the gaichuu, and saves the three Bees.


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